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Djeco Zig & Go 45 Pieces


Only 1 left in stock

An incredible interactive toy that shows chain reactions in action.

Djecos Zig & Go kits are a fabulous way to continue children learning through play introducing STEM concepts including gravity, velocity and momentum.

First, however, children have to set up the course which is perfect for building their problem-solving skills and critical thinking as well as fine-tuning dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Making sure everything is in the perfect place to make sure the chain reaction works can be tricky, so its also great for encouraging patience and perseverance.

This set contains 45 pieces and can be combined with any of the other Zig & Go sets.

  • Watch chain reactions in reaction with this fabulous toy.
  • A great introduction to STEM concepts.
  • Boosts problem solving ability and critical thinking.